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Iwo City Polytechnic Feesu, Iwo

Iwo City Polytechnic Feesu is a private institution that aims to offer comprehensive higher education and promote the study of technical programs. We are a tertiary institution that has been granted approval by the Federal Government and is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education. Our establishment serves as a solution to address the high rate of unemployment and to meet the demand for polytechnic education among prospective students.

Why Choose US

Career-focused Education

We offer programs that are directly linked to specific careers and are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field

Hands-on Experience

We provide students with opportunities to gain real-world experience through internships (SIWES & IT), lab work, workshops, and project-based learning, which allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world situations.

Affordable Cost

We have have a low tuition costs and we also offer financial aid options, which can make it a more affordable option for students.


Our Academics Faculties

The programmes offered by the various departments are available at the National Diploma level. The Polytechnic also offers Part-Time Courses in all the School. The programmes available in the different departments are as follows

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School of Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering
Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology

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School of Applied Sciences

Computer Science
Science Laboratory Technology Statistics

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School of Business Studies

Business Administration and Management
Office Technology & Management

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School of Environmental Studies

Estate Management
Quantity Surveying

Apply for Our Next Academic Session

Iwo City Polytechnic is currently accepting applications from eligible individuals for enrollment in their National Diploma Programmes.


What Says Our Students

Attending Iwo City Polytechnic has been a great decision. The knowledgeable and supportive faculty and staff have helped me understand and apply concepts in a hands-on approach

Salmon Ibrahim

Salmon Ibrahim


I am glad I chose to attend Iwo City Polytechnic. The small class sizes, personalized attention, and real-world experience through internships have altogether made me equipped for the real world.

Ajani Omolade

Ajani Omolade


Iwo City Polytechnic has been a great fit for me. The flexible class schedule and part-time options have allowed me to balance my education with my work and personal responsibilities while excelling academically and personally

Yisa Barakat

Yisa Barakat


Iwo City Polytechnic provides a perfect learning environment, diverse range of programs, facilities and expert lecturers who are always willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed

Salimon Fasilat

Salimon Fasilat

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    The Members of Governing Council

    The Governing Council

    The Governing Council is the supreme governing body of the Institution (Polytechnic). The Governing Council is ultimately responsible for the general management of the affairs of the Polytechnic particularly matters of finance, staff conditions of service, discipline, properties, building programmes and material provisions for students.

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